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Basalt Fiber/Chopped Strands - short extracts of basalt fiber, applied in the reinforcement of binding mixtures. Chopped strands are produced from roving, which is chopped at special choppers.



Basalt fiber is resistant to chemicals. In comparison with metallic fiber, basalt fiber is resistant to corrosion, it increases the ductility of concrete structures and eliminates micro cracks.


Parameters of Chopped Strands:

_ Color - dark-olive;

_ Odor - inodorous;

_ Monofilament diameter - 13-22 µ;

_ Chop length - 5-90 mm;

_ Operation temperature - from -200 to +900 ° C;

_ Humidity- not more than 0.1- 8.0%;

_ Type of sizing – different, depending on the further processing;

_ Packing - polypropylene bags;

_ Packing weight  - 10, 20, 500 kg as customer requested


Characteristics of Basalt Fiber:  

High strength and durability;

. High heat resistance, incombustibility;

. High resistance to chemicals;

. High mechanical strength;

. Sound absorption;

. Dielectric character;

. Eco-friendliness;

. Elongation of service life by 2-3 times.